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Welcome to AFX Research

AFX Research has been providing real estate title research nationwide to Government Agencies, Environmental Professionals, Insurance Companies, Banks and Investors for more than 20 years. At AFX, we deliver title research that is guaranteed to be accurate and delivered in an expeditious manner. Since its inception in 1995, AFX has provided reports to various industries, with an estimated combined property assessment value of over $250 billion.

We offer competitive pricing, excellent turnaround time, and our reports are guaranteed to be accurate. AFX understands that our clients’ needs may vary, so we can provide any type of title report, and will gladly customize the research to meet your specific requirements.

About AFX

AFX has been in business for over 20 years; providing real estate due diligence on a national scale.


We can provide any type of land records reporting needed, including: Current Owner searches, Chain of Title and Environmental Lien reports.


Industry services include Attorneys, Cell Towers, Environmental Agencies, Government Agencies and more...

How We Work

We use a careful combination of automated technology and old-world research skills to promote efficiency and accuracy.


In addition to a full set of copies for all open and pertinent documents, our customer support is available to answer questions and resolve any issues.

Contact Us

Contact one of our Client Relationship Managers to discuss your specific project needs.

2024 Watch:
David Mitchel, president of AFX Research, joins a podcast session with Sean Feries, founder and owner of Land Gorilla (Construction Loan Management Software), to discuss property liens, the recording process, and challenges in title research.