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A Message from the Founder, David Pelligrinelli

In 1995, a business was launched to facilitate a labor-intensive process for locating, accessing and compiling information. This business was called Auto Facts Xchange.

Fast forward to present day.

The company now known as AFX Research has assisted with millions of requests for records research which had not been previously available.

I look upon our evolution -- from the inception of an idea and its basic origins, to the substantial client-serving enterprise that it is today -- with a sense of great pride. The high standards of customer care provided by AFX originates from the dozens of extraordinary people who have been part of the AFX team.

In my several decades of experience, participating in many different business operations, I have never before seen the level of care and involved participation like I now see at AFX. The leadership of owner and CEO David Mitchell has not only resulted in exceeded client expectations, but extends into the local community, thanks to their extensive activism.

When I started the company more than 20 years ago, I imagined the great business success that has already been achieved. It was an unforeseen bonus that the growth of the company culture, and the relationship with exceptional clients would be as fascinating to witness as it has been.

Whether you are reading this as a client, a vendor, or a member of a related industry, our expectation for the company is to maintain a level of excellence that all parties can benefit from. I can assure you that the dedicated team at AFX daily executes the best of intentions for how a responsible, quality business should operate. I know that I am impressed, and hope that you will be too.

I am proud of the company we keep.