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Title Search Report

AFX provides nationwide coverage for our Title Search reports, meaning that we can research any city, county, and state in the country, as well as Puerto Rico. Our research targets the subject property in order to verify ownership and to check for any encumbrances (mortgages, taxes, liens or judgments). Our research is conducted within the official land records associated with the subject property. Typically, this includes researching documents with the Tax Assessor, Recorder of Deeds, Civil Court records and Probate court.

AFX will provide a Certified Title Abstract, summarizing our findings. Additionally, we will provide copies of any open documents on the property, which will include a copy of the most current deed and any unreleased mortgages, liens or judgments. Depending on our clients’ requirements, AFX can search back to any point in the history of the property.

Commonly ordered searches include:

  • Current owner search (researching back to whenever the current owner purchased the property, and from that point forward to the present date)
  • Two-owner search or Foreclosure search
  • 30-year search
  • 40-year search
  • 50-year search
  • 60-year search