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How Our Title Search Works

The lion’s share of the title research process involves reviewing actual documents recorded at local government recording repositories. This process requires the review of documents recorded at over 3,600 recording venues nationwide.

AFX’s proprietary software and database allow AFX to provide its clients with competitive pricing and the best turnaround time in the market. AFX delivers 85% of its Chain of Title reports within 5 business days and 90% of its Current Owner Searches and Environmental Lien reports within 3 business days.

How do we do it?

To optimize the turnaround time on all of our products, AFX has developed proprietary software that integrates seamlessly with our secure database. We use automation, where possible, to expedite processing and improve the accuracy and efficiency of an order’s life cycle. When an order is placed via the client’s portal site, our system uses the provided data to instantaneously identify additional search criteria, such as: current owner, parcel number, legal description and other property details. The system also displays relevant recording venues for that specific property and automatically routes the project to the appropriate field researcher.